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Book your radio ad with the first application based radio in the country

Gone are those days when people booked traditional radio ads for their publicity. It does not engage a lot of active listeners, and it is not accessed much by the people these days. The modern era is dedicated to the online app based radio wherein you get around 40-50k active listeners at any time and you get better exposure for your brand as well.
Cricplex Radio has cast its presence in 22 states and 270 cities of the country. We are India’s first online application based radio in the country along with being the first cricket dedicated Radio station of the country. We may be new into the market but our dreams and aspirations have truly aided in building a reputation for us in the market. We offer advertisers a number of options in reaching the target audience of the country using our distinctive and specialized verticals. Our advertising team will aid you with a different type of opportunities to help in driving customers to your bay.

Advertise with our RJs while on air

Our on-air advertising services are covered with unique and innovative ideas that will be appreciated by our listeners and advertisers as well. We have a designated creative team that deliver all our clients with out-of-the-box ideas. This will aid in improving your overall look in front of the listeners, aiding in the growth prospect of your brand.
Our different type of advertising solutions cover both the application and the website and includes a range of ideas like banner ads on the website, banner ads on the application, all types of commercial and promotional shows on the Radio.