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Cricplex World Cup 2019

For Me Dhoni Comes Up Very High Says Kapil Dev

With the conclusion of the Indian Premier League, people will be eyeing to the upcoming extravagance of the World Cup commencing from May 30 in England and Wales. All the teams will be trying to keep all their top players fit and ready for the battle and so India is also not far away from that although the never ending conundrum of the spot 4 in the Indian national team seems to be never ending. With this the team has been attracting a lot of attention and opinions since they haven’t found a player for their debacle no.4 spot. The former World Cup winning captain, Kapil Dev had some insights of his own about the issue.

Don’t try to say, ‘That’s his number’ says Kapil Dev

According to him the entire hullabaloo about the No.4 spot is not needed and the team should decide according to the need of the hour. He believes that the team should not affix players to certain numbers only. “There’s a lot of talk about that No. 4 slot. But you have to look at the situation. The need of the hour is what matters. Don’t affix numbers to players. You can send anybody anywhere, they’re all good enough,” said Kapil Dev at a promotional event for Britannia.

He further said that the team is getting confused a lot and that should not happen. “Don’t get confused. Play like a team. Don’t try to say, ‘That’s his number’. The number depends on the situation of the match,” said Dev. 

Ben Stokes stands above everyone else as an all-rounder says Kapil Dev

He further spoke about the budding wicketkeeper of the team, Rishabh Pant sating that the player is young and has to prove his worth. He however praised Dhoni a lot saying that the Dhoni has set the standard very high and so Pant has should try to focus on his career since he has the ability to go a very long way. He said, “Dhoni has set the standard very high. Yes, Pant has the ability but he has a long way to go.”

When asked about picking up the best all-rounders across all countries, Kapil Dev took the name of Ben Stokes, saying that she has the ability to rise above all. “I would say Ben Stokes stands above everyone else as an all-rounder. There are many who look like all-rounders only in T20 cricket but I rate Stokes very highly”, said Dev.