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Australia’s Goal Should Be To Win The World Cup, Worry About Ashes Later Says Ricky Ponting

Australia is lined up to play two major tournaments in England this year, first the 2019 World Cup and then the Ashes. They defending champions will be starting their 2019 World Cup campaign against Afghanistan on June 1 in Bristol. While in order to retain the prestigious Urn, the visitors would be starting their battle against England from August 1 in Birmingham. Former legendary Aussie skipper and the current batting consultant, Ricky Ponting believes that Australia’s present goal should be to win the upcoming World Cup and the rest of things can be a worrying point for sometime later.

Management is going to be key

During a recent conversation, Ponting revealed that management of the priorities will be going to play an important role. He admitted to the fact that it is absolutely impossible to try and prioritise a 50-overs World Cup over an Ashes series. However, Ponting noted that the current and entire focus should be on winning the World Cup.

“Management is going to be key, because trying to prioritise a World Cup over an Ashes series … it’s impossible. You’ve just got to face what you’ve got in front of you. The whole goal for Australian cricket right now should be to win the World Cup and worry about whatever happens after that,” quoted Ricky Ponting.

They have all had reasonable layoffs now

The former Australian cricketer also talked regarding the workload of the three frontline fast bowlers, Mitchell Starc, Josh Hazlewood and Pat Cummins. He stated that all of these three pacers have had reasonable time offs until now, which means they should be fresh and all geared up for the upcoming World Cup. The current Delhi Capitals (DC) head coach also mentioned the fact that since the fast bowling trio is not playing in the ongoing 12th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL), thus all they need to do is manage themselves properly and be fit and ready for both the World Cup and the Ashes.

“They (Starc, Hazlewood and Cummins) have all had reasonable layoffs now. I know some of them got through the summer and had injuries with Josh and ‘Starcy’ of late, but that should mean that they should go into a World Cup very fresh. None of those guys will be in the IPL either so they need to just manage (themselves) really well, with the thought of playing every game through the World Cup and the Ashes,” he added.