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With Pandya back in the team, the future of Vijay Shankar turns at stake

Hardik Pandya has been the talk of the town, in regards with his chauvinist statements and the upliftment of his suspension ban by the CoA until a further statement is conveyed by the Supreme Court. BCCI even asked Pandya to join the Indian team in their New Zealand tour. Meanwhile the cricketer is very happy with the media release, some officials of the Indian official Board of Control for Cricket in India believe that reentry of Pandya into the Indian team will set a very bad example and effect on Vijay Shankar, who recently made his debut for India.

The ban was dissolved on January 24 for both Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul

The CoA appointed by the BCCI in a late night media release said that the ban on the young duo has been dissolved with immediate effect. It also said that Pandya will be joining the team playing overseas against New Zealand and KL Rahul will not be a part of the team but will play with the Indian A squad fighting against England Lions for five one day games in Trivandrum.

The logic behind this release is very unclear

There has been mixed reviews against the BCCI media release for the banned duo. One of the BCCI officials said that he is finding it hard to understand the logic behind this statement. Although Pandya to be joining the team is a good thing but not when a young debutant has made good stats in  Pandya’s absence.

There are a number of technical and moral flaws present in this scenario and all of them will affect the play and mindset of Vijay Shankar a debutant who replaced Pandya.

“I am still trying to wrap my head around the logic of it all. Then, despite the replacements being in New Zealand, the selection committee surprisingly meets again and sends one of the two players to New Zealand. What is the message that you are sending to Vijay Shankar? Is our bench strength a sham? Indian cricket administration seems to be caught in a quicksand of incompetence and the more they wriggle, the more they sink,” a senior BCCI functionary was quoted saying.

He continues saying “The other one (Rahul) who was also part of the original squad to New Zealand is not sent to New Zealand. This is essentially the Theatre of the Absurd. When the complete squad, with replacements, was already there in New Zealand and when Virat Kohli’s absence did not merit sending a replacement a day earlier, who asked the selection committee to send Pandya and not send Rahul? Was the revocation of the suspension because of some pressure regarding Pandya? Who was the pressure from? Is it so easy to pressurise the selection committee.?”

What Pandya had some tough comments as compared to KL Rahul

The duo was were banned for their sexist comments has been now allowed to play through national and international matches. However, Pandya was more crasser than KL Rahul in the show. Rahul handled the questions with ease and decency, however, Pandya was the one they beckoned the wave of outrageous comments about women.