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Cricplex World Cup 2019

Sarfaraz Ahmed in a conference

India recently won their third match in the World Cup against Pakistan and is currently third in the points table after playing 3 matches and winning all of them. India however had a match draw with New Zealand and has a total-points of 7 in the points table just behind Australia and New Zealand. Talking about the match in the post-match conference, the Pakistani skipper, Sarfaraz Ahmed said that Pakistan was a better team than India in the 90s but now the tables have turned. The skipper of the losing team was boasted with a series of uncomfortable questions by his country’s media on the heavy defeat against the staunch rival, India.

The whole team is not performing well in all three departments

He further went on to say that the team is not handling pressure well. He said that Pakistan in the 90s loved to enjoy the upper hand but now India is better than Pakistan. “We are not handling pressure well. The team that handles pressure in these games win. The Pakistan teams of the 90’s, used to enjoy upper hand but now India is better than Pakistan. That’s why they win matches,” said Ahmed.

He further went on saying that the reason for their defeat was because they failed in all the three departments. “The whole team is not performing well in all three departments. If you talk about fielding, even Virat Kohli had said that he would have fielded. We haven’t seen the pitch for two days. There was some moisture and hence I decided on fielding. We won a good toss but didn’t hit the right length,” he said.

The players are trying their best

With a defeat against India, there occurs an incidence of staunch rivalry something that involves the borders as well. However Sarfaraz on the other hand handled the questions in a rather smooth manner. “May be you guys have seen something in the body language but players are trying their best. Their has been fielding lapses. Rohit could have been run-out twice and had we availed those chances, it could have been a different result,” said Ahmed.