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Cricplex World Cup 2019

It’s About Mindset And The Way You Look At The Game Says Sourav Ganguly

India was handed their first loss by England in Birmingham on Sunday by a good score of 31 runs. India was trying to chase a score of 338 runs laid forth by the England team but they could manage to reach a total of 306 round only for the loss of five wickets and fell short of 31 runs. The strangest approach of the match was the strange outing by the bat by MS Dhoni and Kedar Jadhav which went forth to score only singles and not crossing any boundary. This same question was put forth by Sourav Ganguly and Nasser Hussain, who said that they couldn’t understand their approach of batting.

They came on the pitch when India needed 71 runs off the last five overs and they only rotated the strike when the team needed quick runs as well. The duo could only attach 39 runs to the last five overs and many of the Indian spectators were left disappointed and baffled by this feat of the Indian team.

I am completely baffled. What’s going on! This is not what India needed

The same was reckoned by Nasser Hussain who said that the match between the top teams ICC ranked teams was ending lamely and he took a dig at MS Dhoni for not playing his great shots and being the Finisher, he is acclaimed of being. “I am completely baffled. What’s going on! This is not what India needed. They need runs. What are they doing? Some Indian fans are leaving now. Surely they must want to see Dhoni go for his shots, even if he slogs it off in the air. It’s a World Cup game, top 2 sides, give it a go! Indian fans would want their side to do a little bit more. They want their side to go down with a fight. Risk it to win it,” said Hussain.

You can’t be chasing 338 and still have 5 wickets in the end

Sourav Ganguly who was commenting on air about the game that he is now short of words for this game play of MS Dhoni. He further went forth to say that a team that is chasing a total of 338 runs cannot have five wickets in hand and still lose the match comfortably. “I don’t have an explanation for that. You asked me the question but I can’t explain these singles. It’s also the length and the bounce that has deceived the Indian batsmen. You can’t be chasing 338 and still have 5 wickets in the end. It’s about mindset and the way you look at the game. The message had to be clear: no matter where it comes and no matter where the ball lands you have to find the boundary. A dot ball at this stage!”said Ganguly.