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Jofra Archer Refuses Miracle Talks Ahead Of Lord’s Test

All the talk of having the opportunity to debut at the Home of Cricket where England recently were crowned champions at the World Cup could be poetic, but Archer weighed down the expectations and was quite attuned to reality. "What I would say is don't expect any miracles, firstly! Hopefully, I'm gonna make my debut sooner rather than later and I'll come in and do what I can. I can't work miracles - I'll try to, but I don't think that's how it might pan out. I'll try my best and I can only give my best," he said.

And then there was the inevitable question of what his plan was going to be for Smith. "I think my ideas will be the same as the guys, it's just that the guys haven't been successful. He played really well at Edgbaston, I think had a day out - or days out, but Lord's is a bit different to Edgbaston. Hopefully one can do a bit more coming down the slope and hopefully he gets out for 90 runs less.

"I think the slope did have a hand in some of the dismissals," said Archer of his own experience of playing the longest format at Lord's in the domestic circuit. "If one nips down the slope it's a good ball, if it doesn't nip down the slope it's still a good ball. The margin of error sometimes can be a lot bigger than at most other grounds."