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India-born doctor on England player's back

The Delhi-born Dr. Vikas Kumar (MBBS, DA, DNB European Diplomate of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care) is working at Darlington Memorial hospital in the UK. He came to the UK a year back to work in the NHS which is the publicly funded healthcare system in the UK.  

Speaking exclusively over telephone from the UK after finishing his night duty early Wednesday morning, he said, I personally have not helped any players in the pandemic. I am just one of the thousands of key workers of the National Health Services and also I would use this opportunity to thank all the key workers who helped the country to keep going. I express my deep condolences to the lives lost in the battle against corona and I hope they start of cricket would at least bring some joy and rejuvenate the lives of millions across the world".

"When I came to England, one thing I thought I surely gonna miss was playing cricket in India as I used to play cricket in various cricket leagues of Doctors in Delhi for Blackcaps MAMC. But to my surprise, I started playing cricket within a month of arrival with a bunch of amateur cricketers coming from various professional backgrounds from India who are working in Darlington called the Gilli Boys".

"I feel it’s a wonderful initiative on the part of ECB to acknowledge the contribution of the key workers in the corona pandemic".

At this point, it is not clear which player would be wearing his name on his back.

The doctor is also not sure whether he would be able to be on the ground.

"I am not sure whether I would be able to attend the Test matches as still, we are following the government guidance for the COVID-19 and moreover I am still needed more at my workplace because of the expected post-pandemic surge", he signed off.