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Investment in coaches is to improve standard of cricket in Sweden, says Performance Director Benn Harradine

Former South African cricketer Jonty Rhodes was more popular for his spectacular fielding. As a fielder, he won an ODI match single-handedly and won the Man of the Match award (Hero Honda Cup: South Africa vs. West Indies, 1993-94, Mumbai). 

His association with the Swedish Cricket Federation (SCF) as a coach will improve the standard of cricket, believes Benn Harradine, the Performance Director.

Speaking exclusively, he said, "We realise that the way to improve the standard is first to invest in coaches and facilitators, and as the standards lift so to will the facilities".

"Swedish cricket is developing at a rapid rate. 300% participating increase in the last 2 years. It has been a challenge to manage such an increase as we have different environmental conditions. Its cold for 7 months a year and because cricket is rather new in the Nordics, there is not a huge offering of cricket grounds yet", he further added.   

"More importantly I believe we are looking at improving the standard of cricket as a whole. Not specifically fielding".

"Undoubtedly Jonty needs no introduction, his merits speak for themselves. We connected on several occasions and this opportunity came at the right time for him and his family to relocate to Sweden. They are very fond of the lifestyle here in Sweden", he signed off.