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Stadium, street and hospital to have Chetan Chauhan's name

Former India opener Chetan Chauhan, at the age of 73, who passed away last month following COVID-19 recovery but due to the multi organs failure.

The stadium in Noida is also likely to be named after him.

In addition to the above, a street in Lucknow will be named after him as well a hospital in his constituency is set to be named after.

Incidentally, India's honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has written a personal letter to his wife, Sangeeta, and appreciated Chauhan's not only cricketing skill but admired his administrative work and nature of helping the poor and needy people.

This has been the Prime Minister's third letter written to the prominent cricket personalities in the last three weeks. 

His earlier two letters to Dhoni and Raina on their retirement were written in English, whereas the letter to Mrs. Chauhan is written in India's national language-Hindi.