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Fielding is about being in a good position with hands, say Jonty and Gus Logie

"It is virtually impossible to take a skied catch running and looking at the ball coming from behind you over the shoulder. The brain does not seem to be capable of working out the dynamics of the flight of the ball in that situation.  Why perhaps only neurologists may be able to answer.  It would appear better for the fielder, time permitting, to cross the spot where the ball is likely to land, turn around and take the catch", a cricket enthusiast T. R. Ramaswami, who has been regularly writing articles on hidden aspects of cricket, said. 

We shared his views with two former international cricketers- Jonty Rhodes and Gus Logie-who were known for their best fielding. Here's what they have to say:-

Jonty Rhodes:- Fielding is not science. But it IS about being in a good position. Fielding is “fluid”, so good principle, but not always attainable. Getting into a good position is the first thing I try to convince my players to do; and then go with it after that. My focus is first on their feet, and then their hands.   

Gus Logie:- I don't think it is impossible if some of the suggestions are observed. It has been done, by constant practice, it takes balance, good judgment of flight and speed of the ball, and of course concentration. Sound catching technique, meaning the positioning of the hands is also important.