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Why Virat Kohli is different from other batsmen in the world, young spinner Rashid Khan told

Virat Kohli is the best batsman of the current era and this thing is proved by his performance. Cricket experts keep giving their opinion from time to time about why Virat Kohli is such a successful batsman. Now the young spinner of Afghanistan cricket team Rashid Khan has also given opinion about Virat's batting. Rashid Khan told that what is special inside Virat Kohli that makes him different from other batsmen in the world.

Rashid Khan while talking on YouTube show Cricket said that, Virat Kohli believes in his process, even against the best of balls where other batsmen will try to play a shot which is not his strength. Rashid said that if there is any other batsman, if you bowl well to him, he will come under pressure. He will play a shot which is like sweep, slog sweep or any other stroke which is not his strength, but Virat Kohli will follow his procedure. He works with his mind and goes with the style of his play. He doesn't do anything different and that's why he is so successful.

Rashid Khan said that since becoming the captain of the Indian cricket team, Kohli's performance has grown steadily and he has instilled confidence in the rest of the team. Rashid said that the confidence he has in Kohli is also one of his strengths and that he will respect good deliveries as well as hit the weak ones. They have a lot of confidence whereas some batsmen don't have that confidence and they struggle. Virat Kohli believes in his strength. On the other hand, Rashid said that it is his dream to play under the captaincy of MS Dhoni because playing under his captaincy will be a great experience.