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Those who once considered us inferior, now lick our soles because of Farokh Engineer's big statement on racism.

We are all well aware of Racism and it is spread all over the world. Racism is rampant in sports too and cricket is no exception to it. Now former Team India cricketer Farokh Engineer has also given his opinion regarding racism and told how he too had to be a victim of it. This former wicketkeeper of Team India told how he had to face racism when he used to play for Lancashire in England.

Farokh Engineer went on to play for England's country club Lancashire in the early 1960s. He became very popular at Old Trafford as a cricketer but later decided to come back when he was in trouble. Talking to the Indian Express, he said that, when I first came into county cricket, questions like 'Who is from India'. When I joined the Lancashire team, I faced racist remarks once or twice. It happened because I was from India and there was nothing personal in it. There my accent was made fun of.

Farokh said that, my English is much better than many English players and he too soon realized that, you cannot play with this player in any way. Whatever he said to me, I replied immediately. Not only this, I also proved myself with the bat and wicket keeping and presented myself to them as the Ambassador of India.

Recently, Farokh Engineer, while talking with comedian Cyrus Barocha on the podcast, told how Indian players used to face racism in international cricket. He said that former English captain Geoffrey Boycott used to use abusive language towards Indian players, but later his behavior changed due to the IPL. Farokh said that, till a few years ago, those who considered us inferior, but as soon as the IPL started, they started licking our soles. This change happened only because of the money received in IPL, but people like me know what was the situation in the beginning and what is the reality now.