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I Don’t Want To Be Remembered As The Guy Who Had A Street Fight Says Ben Stokes

English all-rounder Ben Stokes has experienced a very tough time since the outrageous street fight incident outside a Bristol club in 2017. In the aftermath of the incident, he was subjected to a suspension and some other disciplinary proceedings. Stokes along with his England teammate Alex Hales got indulged in a fight outside a night club in Bristol in September 2017. The footage of the happening went viral on social media which resulted in a massive controversy resulting in England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) penalizing Stokes severely.

I was that close to my career ending

Due to the controversial incident, Stokes was forced to miss the entire 2015 Ashes tour and also a Test match against India in 2018. During a recent conversation, Stokes opened up on the controversy and revealed that initially he thought that all this would take a toll on his cricketing career. He admitted the fact that for once everything changed after that scandal.

“Thinking all this is going to be taken away from me might be the thing that has changed the way I do things. I was that close to my career ending and being thrown away just like that. Maybe that is it,” Ben Stokes was quoted as saying.

Stokes noted that perhaps the Bristol instance is the best thing that happened with him. He stated that it has changed his thinking drastically. “It sounds silly but, could Bristol have been the best thing that could have happened to me? Who knows. But maybe in terms of my way of thinking,” he added.

I don’t go out anymore

The all-rounder further went on to mention that in the aftermath of the incident, he has even stopped going out for a big nigh-out. He reckoned that it has helped him adjust well in the transition phase. He also noted that currently he does not feel the urge to come close anything like that. “I don’t go out anymore. I mean, I might go out for dinner, but I don’t go out-out [for a big night] anymore in England. I used to love going out and celebrating with the lads. But we can do that in the hotel and I don’t miss it. I don’t feel that urge any more. Once you make the transition to not doing it then you don’t miss it,” Stokes further added.

The England cricketer stated that it is very difficult for him to come out of the mental trauma. He revealed that the incident will continue to haunt him for the rest of his life. “No matter what happens in life with me now, the Bristol thing will always be there. It’s something I’ll always carry with me. It’ll always be there. Always. “I want to do things on the field to be remembered for… I don’t want to be remembered as the guy who had a fight in the street,” the 27-year-old England cricketer added.