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Terms & conditions

Terms of conditions and usage

The following page concerns the use of website, materials, content and services that is offered by the (the official site). In context of the terms of use, wherever the context measures ‘you’, ‘your’ or ‘user’ implies to mean the legal or the natural person who has become a registered user of the website is subjected to comply by the terms and conditions.

If you access our website, you are bound to agree by the terms and conditions of its usage and so they legally bind by the agreement between the user and aannya software Pvt Ltd.

Registration by the user

You can use our site without any registration however, in order to access certain information and participate in some activities you are required to create an account or login through some different account. For registering for the account services you are bound to provide with true, accurate and complete information. You are also required to create a password and username so the confidentiality is maintained by you only.

Also, if any point of your account, the company believes that your account and password is being misused or the registration process is not true or inaccurate, then they have the right to block the access to your site or account.

Also a user is solely responsible for any activities can occur under your account. If your app security is being breached then the company will not be liable for any loss of your password or other things.

Using the site

All the materials provided by the site including the information, functions, materials, texts, logos, designs, graphics, images software, sounds, documents, products and services are collectively copyrighted by the company and its vendors and suppliers. These all are proprietary to the company and are protected and registered everywhere. None of these materials can be modified, copied, reproduced, distributed, downloaded, displayed, sold, compiled, photocopied, recorded or sold by other means without any prior information to the company.

The user is only allowed to use the site for personal and non-commercial uses, so the site is not to be used for any commercial purposes, or any other means which are unlawful, or harms any person, or entity.

You can post the image, links, and texts on other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Pininterest however, providing with a backlink to the original source.

When our site of Cricplex provides for the download of any software onto your mobile applications or the computer, it is meant only for personal and non-commercial use. This comes with the following bounds: first the copyright and the proprietary notices are to be kept intact, second no release, loan, lease, selling, distribution, copying, renting of any of the original copies or any derivative ones based on the materials like software in whole or some parts has to be done, third transfer of any material or any part of software or business from your computer or mobiles is expressly prohibited and should not be practiced.

Including the above stated points has to be followed and nothing should be constructed by implication, conferring or any copy of trademark or design is protected under the patent act and so is not be reproduced anywhere by any means. By agreeing to our terms and conditions you agree that none of the user’s activities will have an effect of transferring of the ownership of copyrights, trademarks, service marks, trade names or any other proprietary rights to any third party.

The activities prohibited for use

None of the following activities should lead to unlawful or prohibited outcomes in relation to the terms of use by any domestic or international laws, ordinances and regulations. The usage of the site from a user’s account is their sole responsibility.

A user is not allowed to display, upload, publish, transmit, update or share any information of the site that includes the following:

  • It belongs to any other person for which you have no right
  • The information is harmful, harassing, blasphemous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic or invasive of anyone else’s privacy. It should not encourage any kindof hateful or unethical activity.
  • Should not lead to any spam or junk mail commercial advertisement
  • harm any minor in any way
  • interfere with the patent, trademark, copyright or the proprietary rights
  • violate any rule or regulation under the law of the Indian government
  • mislead the addressee communicate any information that is grossly offensive or misleading
  • interfere with the privacy or impersonate the other person
  • contain any type of source code that interrupts, destroys or disrupts the functionality of the computer resource

Use of the public forum

For users to share their feedback, upload or post comments, data links, videos, audios, graphics, images or messages; we provide with a public forum at certain part of our website in order to let the users share their experience with the site.

A user is to be held solely responsible for any user content that has been uploaded, posted, emailed, transmitted or made available in their name. It is important for the user to understand that the public forum is viewed by other people as well and so should not offend or abuse any other user or the site. Cricplex does not control the user content posted on the public forum and so does no comply with the integrity and accuracy of the user content. So the company is not held responsible for any offensive or deceiving information uploaded or for any errors or omissions in the user content. The company is also not liable for the damage incurred by the user content posted, uploaded or transmitted or in any way made available on the site.

When any user content is posted on the site gives authority to the company and its partners of any form to reproduce or reuse this information in whole or derivative form in any form of media or technology for promotion purposes.

Also any illicit user content posted is liable to be investigated or disabled under the act of law. The company is allowed to preserve or disclose the user content under the act of law if the disclosure or preservation is necessary in compliance to the legal process, violates the rights of the third parties or is needed to protect the rights of the company or public. However, if the content is found to be disregarding to the company and its policies, they are allowed to deactivate or block the access to your account.

Also the user must agree to the fact that the company is not responsible for the storage or deletion of any information and can change its policies anytime without any prior notice to the user.

Copyrights and trademark

All the impressions, videos, graphics, text, audio, logo, trademark, logo or any technology used by the company on its website is the property of the company and are all protected by the intellectual property rights of the government of India. All the materials on the site are owned by the website and the parties with whom the company shares its resources. The materials are only for personal and non-commercial usage of the user and must not be copied, reproduced or republished through any electronic or non-electronic means. The using of the material owned by the site is highly prohibited without the proper consent of the user and is punishable under law.

We also respect the intellectual property rights of other contents and materials and if our site carriers out any infringement against your IPR then you can write to us on our email.

Disclaimer policies

All the information processed is maintained in the form of services that are obtained from a variety of sources and so is made available without any representation and warranties expressed in writing. All the content and queries produced on our website is a personal opinion of our experts, consultants and persons that do not constitute or indicate an endorsement, representation or warranty of any such information. In accordance to the policies of the company the following are also included:

  • we do not confirm that the site will be available completely or even at all
  • The information produced by the site is complete, legal, true or accurate


The company is allowed to produce a hypertext link to third party websites time to time. This information is made available only for the convenience of the users and does not imply to sponsor or endorse these third party websites. Also the involvement of the user with such third party websites or any offsite dealings is only at their own risk.

Advertising material

The site might display some advertising information from time to time submitted to them by the third parties. The site only engages in providing these information and material. However any business, dealings or any payments are solely between the user and the third party and the company will not be held responsible for ant such advertisement. The company will not be held responsible for any error, claim, omission or inaccuracy with the advertisement material and any loss or damage incurred is sole responsibility of the user.

International usage

The website is operated within Indian and so there is no foreign representation of the company. Any access for the website from outside India locations is the sole responsibility of the user and should be done at their own risk.

Liability terms

The user should agree to the term that the company is not to be held responsible for any direct, special, indirect, direct or consequential damage of any kind in terms of connection with the agreement evne if the company has been informed in advance.


The user should agree to not hold the officers, directors, employees, affiliates and any other representatives responsible for any claim or action, breach of terms of usage and violation by any third party websites.

The applicability of the law

This agreement between the company and the user is in accordance with the law of India. The jurisdiction place is in Noida. Also we might pursue any action or claim in any court for seeking relief.

The agreement in complete

The statements of privacy and terms of use can be amended from time to time. If any of these provisions in the terms of usage are considered to be unlawful or void then, they will be deemed servable and will not affect the validity and enforcement of any other provisions.

Modification of the terms of use

The company can modify the terms of use anytime without any prior notice to the user. If a user wants to enjoy using our application then they are bound to agree to the new terms of use and is not agreed upon might result in discontinuation of the usage of the site. The company also preserves the right to deny access to any portion of the site if it is found to be in violation for any terms of use.

The relationship between the user and the company

Abiding by the provision of the terms of use doesn’t deem to constitute any partnership between the user and the company and the user is not bound to the company in any manner. The user only functions as a business entity and so can only bind to the entity of the agreement. 

Termination or discontinuation

The company holds the right to discontinue or terminate a user’s involvement with the site at any point of time without any notice. They can even deem your access to a certain portion of the website. When an account is terminated then the rights to use the site terminates immediately however, the user’s obligations and company’s rights and disclaimers survive.