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Reports: Sourav Ganguly Not To Be Barred From Associating With Delhi Capitals

There has been a discussion doing the rounds regarding the conflict of interest conspiracy involving Sourav Ganguly’s latest association with Delhi Capitals (DC) in the 12th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Ganguly joined the Delhi-based franchisee incapacity of an advisor ahead of the start of the tournament. Besides this major role, Ganguly is also the current President of the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB), which resulted in the whole controversy.

However, according to recent reports, a senior BCCI official noted that none of the legal restrictions can prevent Ganguly from associating with the Delhi Capitals. The BCCI appointed ombudsman Justice (Retd) DK Jain is handling both Ganguly and the Hardik Pandya-KL Rahul Koffee with Karan cases. A report revealed that the ombudsman will only hear out Ganguly’s point of view before taking any final decision on the matter.

It was initially three Kolkata based fans — Bhaswati Santua, Ranjit Seal and Abhijeet Mukherjee — in a letter to BCCI Ombudsman-cum-Ethics-Officer DK Jain, who alleged that Ganguly’s dual role is a case of Conflict of Interest.

There is absolutely no bar

During a recent interview, a BCCI official revealed that there is absolutely nothing which can bar Ganguly from sitting in Delhi Capitals dug-out. “There is absolutely no bar on Sourav sitting in the DC dug-out. In any case, the matter is still pending with the Ombudsman and no law can prevent him from being present in the dug-out,” the BCCI official was quoted as saying in a conversation with PTI.

However, the official also mentioned that the jurisdictions will be different if Sourav decides to take his seat anywhere else. “But yes, if he wants to sit somewhere else, it will be his call. And Justice Jain has already made it clear that one particular match is not his concern. So that makes it clear,” the official added.

The Ombudsman’s decision cannot be predicted

The official also stated that it is hard to predict the Ombudsman’s final decision. He noted that this conspiracy may have occurred with respect to people who are not in terms with Sourav. “I can’t predict Ombudsman’s line of decision-making but one must take into account that these allegations could be due to a disgruntled few, who are against Sourav. All these issues need to be factored in,” the official concluded.