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MS Dhoni Was After Some Clarity And It Didn’t Seem To Be Coming: Stephen Fleming

The cricketing world witnessed a totally unlike MS Dhoni gesture, in the last night’s thrilling last ball finish game between Rajasthan Royals (RR) and Chennai Super Kings (CSK). There have been hardly one or two instances where the matters had shifted out of the turnbuckle reach after which he was forced to break the shackles. However, during yesterday's game against Rajasthan Royals (RR), the world witnessed the strangest appearance of the CSK captain due to umpiring decision confusion. 

Dhoni played a flamboyant innings last night to bring CSK on the doorsteps of a thrilling victory, however, the drama occurred when after Dhoni’s dismissal, on the very next delivery, first the straight umpire, Ulhas Gandhe lifted his hand to declare the no-ball for height, but suddenly he then strangely acted as if nothing happened. Also, the square leg umpire who has the absolute authority to call the no-balls in case of height issues never declared the delivery as a false one. 

This whole drama forced Dhoni to come fuming from the dugout towards the field to seek clarity on the confusion. Surprisingly, it was the first time when people saw Dhoni intervening the field and losing out his cool. However, even after a long and aggressive discussion, the no-ball wasn't declared and thus, the delivery was counted as a legitimate one.

After all this drama, CSK all-rounder Mitchell Santner showed nerves of steel, striking an unbelievable six off the final delivery to steer his team to a spectacular 4-wicket victory and in turn brought a smile on Dhoni's face as well.

He was discussing it with the umpires

In the post-match press conference, CSK head coach Stephen Fleming revealed that the whole confusion occurred as the umpire at the bowler’s end had originally called the no ball but the square leg umpire had not. He also mentioned that Dhoni was just seeking clarity on the issue in an intense discussion with the umpires. Fleming stated that he even had a discussion with the skipper after the match.

"Our understanding was that the umpire at the bowler's end had called the no ball and then there was confusion around whether it was a no ball or not. MS was after some clarity and it didn't seem to be coming. So, he took the opportunity to go out in there and discuss it with the umpires. That's how I saw it and that's how I discussed it with him afterward," said Stephen Fleming.

He was certainly fired up

Fleming admitted the fact that Dhoni was surely livid with the umpire’s controversial decision. "He only just wanted clarity. The rights and wrongs will be discussed by everybody, including Mahi, I'm sure. But, I think, it'll be a discussion for the umpires afterwards and I am a watcher as you guys are, for now. But he was certainly fired up about the way the decision was handled and why it was over-turned or if it was over-turned,” he added.

“So, there was a lack of clarity, obviously, for him and he wanted to get it clarified at that key moment. It's unusual but he's usually pretty calculated. It'll be something he will be questioned about for sure, for a long time," the CSK head coach concluded.