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I Just Think That The Umpiring Was A Bit Frustrating: Carlos Brathwaite

West Indian all-rounder Carlos Brathwaite lashed out at the umpiring blunders during his team's loss to Australia in Nottingham on Thursday (June 6) referring to them as "frustrating" and revealing they had "sent ripples through the dressing-room". He also hinted that the West Indies had been getting a raw deal from umpires over the last few years, with more decisions going against them than other teams.

"I just think I'd like that for West Indies, we don't have to use all our reviews and that some of the other teams get a chance to use theirs because every time we get hit on our pad the finger goes up. When we hit the opposition on their pad, the finger stays down. So we have to use our reviews and it's always missing and then we have to use our reviews when we're batting as well and it's always clipping," quoted Carlos Brathwaite, looking visibly upset minutes after West Indies had failed to chased down a total of 289 at Trent Bridge, falling 15 runs short.

On air, Michael Holding also called the umpiring atrocious, while Brathwaite dubbed it frustrating and dodgy. But as much as he was unimpressed with the umpiring, the West Indies all-rounder maintained it did not cost them the match which saw them go down to Australia by 15 runs.

“I don’t know if I’ll be fined for saying it but I just think that the umpiring was a bit frustrating,” said Brathwaite. “Even when we were bowling we thought a few balls close to head height were called wides. And obviously three decisions in one over as far as I can remember being dodgy, it was frustrating and sent ripples through the dressing room.

“To lose Chris in a chase of 280, who can probably get 180 of them himself obviously, broke the start that we wanted to have. But the umpires do their job, they try to do it to the best of their ability, we as players go out there to do our job as well, so there was no confrontation between the players and the umpires.”

Brathwaite went on to claim that such errors are a little too common especially when the West Indies play.

“So we have to use our reviews and it’s always missing and then we have to use our reviews when we’re batting as well and it’s always clipping. I’m not a technology person, I don’t know why that happens, I can just say what I have seen happen over the past few years.”

Things didn’t go our way

Holder, while addressing the media pointed out that he ended up laughing when he saw Starc overstep. Gayle had initially received a couple of reprieves, both times reviewing the umpire’s decision and ending up reversing it. The first instance was a caught behind appeal, which as per the replays, showed the ball flicking the stumps but not taking the bails down. The second was an LBW appeal which pitched outside leg.

“I saw it on the screen in the dressing room, and I just laughed, man. I couldn’t believe it. But again, I guess things didn’t go our way today,” Holder said.

The West Indies skipper himself overturned two decisions. He was given out to Adam Zampa but as per the replay, the ball pitched outside leg stump. The next one was off a sweep shot which Holder failed to connect. This time, the ball seemed to be missing leg. Holder survived both times but showed his displeasure while he was batting.