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ICC Puts Down BCCI’s Appeal To Allow MS Dhoni Don The Insignia Gloves

Amidst the exciting and entertaining showcase of the World Cup 2019 extravaganza, a controversy regarding MS Dhoni and his insignia gloves have taken the centerstage. The Indian wicket-keeper grabbed the headlines for donning a pair of wicket-keeping gloves in the recent game against South Africa in Southampton that bore an insignia of the armed forces as a mark of respect for the soldier. The International Cricket Council (ICC) refused to allow the veteran stumper to wear the controversial pair of gloves.

In reply, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) backed Dhoni as did the fans and a selection of the media as well. The ICC said earlier that it would allow Dhoni to continue wearing the gloves bearing the “Baalidan Badge” if the BCCI and the cricketer could give a convincing reasoning. The BCCI did its part to convince the ICC but it seems the appeal has fallen on deaf ears. It was confirmed on Friday night that the ICC responded to the BCCI saying the logo that Dhoni wore on his gloves in the match against South Africa is not permitted hereafter in the tournament.

"The ICC has responded to the BCCI to confirm the logo displayed by MS Dhoni in the previous match is not permitted to be worn on his wicket-keeping gloves at the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2019," the cricket governing body said in a statement on Friday (June 7).

"The regulations for ICC events do not permit any individual message or logo to be displayed on any items of clothing or equipment. In addition to this, the logo also breaches the regulations in relation to what is permitted on wicketkeeper gloves," the statement furthered.

ICC’s rules and regulations

On its reasoning for banning the logo that Dhoni wore, the ICC said the regulations did not permit any individual message or logo to be sported on any item(s) of clothing or equipment. Besides, it has been said that the logo also breaches the regulations in relation to what is allowed on the wicket-keeper’s gloves.

The ICC has cited regulation D.1 from the ICC's rulebook that deals with clothing regulation to drive home their point.

Regulation D.1:

"No Logo shall be permitted to be displayed on Cricket Clothing or Cricket Equipment, other than a National Logo, a Commercial Logo, an Event Logo, a Manufacturer's Logo, a Player's Bat Logo, a Charity Logo or a Non-Commercial Logo as provided in these regulations."

India will be taking on Australia in their second World Cup match on Sunday at The Oval, London.