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World Cup 2019: Sunil Gavaskar Feels Its ECB’s Responsibility To Manage Rain Delays

The rain has been a massive talking point in England in the last couple of weeks. It has consumed as many as four games already in this World Cup. Hence, it has created a massive outrage among the experts and former cricketers. As many as three games were abandoned without a ball being bowled (the toss didn’t take place either).

While there have been calls for the ICC to accommodate for reserve days for each game, there has also been criticism about the grounds not being covered completely. The grounds in England generally use the hover cover for the pitch and apart from that protect the square. However, the outfield is left open and it does take a beating when it rains.

Thus, former India cricket Sunil Gavaskar blames the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) for not being prepared for the heavy rains predicted. He criticized the board for not having adequate facilities as well.

“Well, ECB (who is responsible). ECB is the one that runs the game here. The Lancashire County Cricket Club comes under its jurisdiction. So, it’s the ECB’s responsibility,” Sunil Gavaskar was quoted saying by India Today.

There has been a lot of rain in Manchester as well where India take on Pakistan. However, despite a lot of rain falling, the Old Trafford ground was not completely covered. The same was the case in Trent Bridge where India had to play New Zealand and the game was washed out without a ball being bowled.

It is absolutely unacceptable

Hence, this didn’t go down well with Sunil Gavaskar and he lashed out at the ECB. He termed it as ‘terrible’ and ‘unacceptable’.  “Terrible (ground not covered on Saturday). Unacceptable. This is a big tournament. You know the conditions in England and not to have that (extra covers) is absolutely unacceptable in my view,” Gavaskar was quoted saying.

He also feels the ICC should send a strong message to ECB and should not give the designated amount if the game doesn’t take place. According to Gavaskar, ICC gives the ECB about $750,000 for every game irrespective of the result.