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Steve Smith and David Warner are the biggest assets of the Australian team says Langer

With the World Cup 2019 around the alley, the various international teams have started picking their top squad for the battle. Following the same leads, Australian coach commented on the top squad for World Cup and the ending ban imposed on Steve Smith and David Warner towards the end of the next month. He said that Australian team would be “crazy” if they drop Smith and Warner off the fields however, they might not be landing into the national side just after their ban expiration.

After the ending bans held on Smith and Warner, the duo will be available for playing international tournaments from March 29, which also coincides with the ODI series against Pakistan in the UAE; however the dates are yet to be confirmed.

Smith and Warner might play in the later stages against Pakistan

It can be possible that the performers can be a part of the ending ODI series between Pakistan and Australia however the kangaroo coach wants them to play some great cricket before they are fed into the thrills of the international game. This comes with the recent elbow surgery that both players went through. We've got to keep working on how they are with their elbows first," quoted Langer when asked about the recent surgery of both the players. "They're going to need to get some cricket leading into hopefully coming back into the squad. It's all part of the management. We'll have to wait and see what happens there." furthered Langer.

Smith might take more time for recovery than Warner’s

Smith has been going through a tough phase of surgeries and rehabilitation after encountering an injury in February. For Warner, have had minor elbow issues and just a simple minor clean-up is required. This entails that Smith will require more time for recovery than Warner. Even if the players are told to sit through the Pakistan series, they can rediscover their talent in the IPL series before they lead the team for World Cup 2019. The players were banned after ball tampering fiasco and their return would result in completing the top order of the Australian team.

"They'll find opportunities but I can't see anything else. We're talking about two great players. We're not talking about two really good players, they're two great players who, on paper, we'd be crazy not to have them in the team. We know it's been a tough time for them; it's been a tough time for Australian cricket. And the integration has been going for the last nine or ten months, or eleven, it's getting closer isn't it. And that'll be a continued process fully coming back into the squad. It's all part of the management. We'll have to wait and see what happens there, quoted Langer in an interview.