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Reports: MS Dhoni Termed Fit Ahead Of The Sri Lanka Clash

No matter how much criticism MS Dhoni is facing for his batting in recent times, there is little denying the fact that he is one of the most important members of the team. His wicket-keeping and leadership skills make him one of the most prized assets of the team. Unsurprisingly, the fans are worried that Dhoni suffered a serious injury during the game against England last Sunday.

Against England, he suffered a blow on his thumb and immediately took his gloves off. He was later seen sucking on the thumb as he and Kedar Jadhav made their way to the dressing room after the 31-run defeat against England. There were also apprehensions when MS Dhoni walked off the field at the start of the innings against Bangladesh.

He has an amazing capacity

Many speculated that the injury made him leave the field. However, it was later revealed that it was nothing more than a loo break and such breaks mean a player cannot return back before eight minutes. Sources in the know of things have now confirmed that there is nothing to worry about. The source said that while MS Dhoni is not bothered by the small niggles, his finger is fine at the moment.

“Hai toh pahadi, woh yodha hai (he hails from the mountains and is a warrior). After more than 300 ODIs, do you think these little things even bother him? He has an amazing capacity to ignore pain. But more importantly, his finger is fine and there is nothing to worry about,” a source was quoted as saying by Zee News.

Sources also revealed that the veteran is used to taking a blow to his fingers since he is a wicket-keeper. And thus there is no real reason to worry as India gear up for the most important part of the tournament. The Men in Blue will take on Sri Lanka in their final league game. They have already made it to the semifinals and are assured of finishing at least at the second spot. If they beat Sri Lanka and Australia lose their final game, India can also finish at the top.