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Rule on the toss was changed after the 2011 World Cup final

The toss had caused chaos 30 minutes before the final. 

After India captain MS Dhoni flipped the coin, it looked as if he thought he had won the toss but it was not to be as he and perhaps the match-referee didn't hear the opposing captain Sangakkara's call (head).

"We changed the rule after the World Cup and it has been decided no captain or match-referee would touch the coin before it finally halts on the ground. The TV broadcasters are also instructed to keep camera on the coin till both captains and match -referee are fully convinced", Sawani, who was heading the ICC till June 2011, said exclusively over telephone from Delhi. 

"Match referees have also been instructed to ensure that the captain's call is loudly and clearly heard".

The decision was taken by the management after the 2011 World Cup final. "We did enquire with the match referee Jeff Crowe for the reason of tossing the coin second time in the final". 

The ICC has also fixed the weight of the coin. 

"This is to eliminate the rumours that captains use specially made coin of which one side is heavier than the other. In all ICC events, the definite size of coins are only used", Sawani further added. 

MCC's law on the toss (13.4) does not specify the weight of the coin, however, it is mentioned in the Playing Conditions and these handbooks are given to every team before the ICC event", the ex-ICC official concluded.