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CWI not worried about local umpiring in England

Richard Illingworth and Richard Kettleborough are the on-field umpires for the first Test, and Michael Gough is a TV umpire. These three umpires will be rotated for on-field and third umpire duty in the second and the third Test (Manchester July 16-20 and July 24-28). 

Reserve Umpire is Alex Wharf and the Match Referee is Chris Broad. 

"The current ICC requirement arrangement is for only local umpires and we are happy with it", Ricky Skerritt, the president of the CWI, speaking exclusively, said.

"Umpiring is a tough job, no matter where the umpire hails from".

"However, we trust that the ICC professional umpires always do their best under whatever circumstance".

"Unintended errors may occur, but hopefully not too many. We are not worries about umpiring", he further added.