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Jason Holder’s joy in taking Ben Stokes wicket in the first test

West Indies captain Jason Holder will break Richie Benaud's wicket according to his Barbados Cricket Association head coach, Enmerson Trotman.  

Australia's Richie Benaud leads the list of captains dismissing opposing skipper quite often in Tests. Late Benaud dismissed opposite captains 18 times and Jason Holder is the second joint holder with Pakistan's Imran Khan. 

"Holder is still young and can be number one captain to grab the wicket of opposite skipper", Emmerson Trotman, speaking exclusively over telephone from Barbados, said.  

Holder dismissed acting captain Ben Stokes twice in the first Test. 

"I am not at all surprised with Holder's trick to dismiss the captains 15 times. Holder is a hard-working captain and has determination to plan well for the wickets". 

"Getting any wicket and more specially the captain's wicket, specific field placement is required and he sets the fielding accordingly. Taking the captain's wicket gives tremendous motivation to the fielding captain and his team". 

"Jason (Holder) is a challenging captain and gives 100 % every time and I have no doubt about this. I am sure he is enjoying the captain's wicket every time". 

"He is a good leader and keeps his head cool all the time". 

The current team has few Barbados players and I am sure Holder will have more success in the remaining two Tests", the head coach signed off.