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Hardik Pandya thanks his wife for the best gift ever

"Roses for my rose : Thank you for giving me the best gift ever", he wrote a message with emojis of rose and love on his social media page. 


Twenty-six-year-old all-rounder Hardik Pandya took to the microblogging site, Twitter, to announce the birth of his son. “We are blessed with our baby boy (sic.),” Hardik wrote alongside an image of the new-born baby, whose face he hid using a gloveless hand. He also took the baby in hand.  

In June this year, the couple had taken to Instagram and dropped a huge surprise for their fans as they revealed that they were expecting an addition to their family. But fans apparently remembered that Hardik had announced his engagement with the Serbian actress Natasha on the occasion of New Year. 
Many excited fans who wished Hardik on the news, also wished he’d help India win more trophies. But female fans seemed kinder in their wishes for the all-rounder. 

We also hear that Hardik Pandya’s married sister, Anamika Dave, who moved from Ahmedabad to Baroda, has seen the newly born baby boy. 

In midst of all the celebrations, Anamika may claim that the right to naming the brother’s child is hers, the sister’s. “I have not yet decided the name. I will discuss it with the child’s parents when coming to that decision.” she said, talking to us over the telephone from Baroda. Natasha and the baby are doing fine.