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Ranchi-born Rahul's "love and affection" for Dhoni

"Rahul's inning is special against Dhoni because my son was born in Ranchi. Rahul's mother (Saroj) is from Dhoni's city. Her parents live very close to Dhoni's house".

"Rahul has love and affection for Dhoni. I met Dhoni with Rahul when both were playing for the Pune team. Dhoni is a very nice and humble man", mother Saroj said.

"My posting from Lucknow to Pune made Rahul grow in Pune and play for the Maharashtra team".

According to his father, Rahul's love for cricket is remarkable.

"Since childhood at the age of 1 he has been playing with cricket bat and ball. In KG class in a school at Gangtok he used to make eraser as a ball, the small scale was his bat and pencils were wickets".

"He used to play cricket in classroom desks. Since he was a bright student used to finish his work before time and then start playing cricket. He has never played with any other toys".

"Whenever he is alone, he used to do bowling, batting and catch diving for hours", the father recalls.

"Even during our military parties, he was always spotted playing cricket outside".

"In 1997, when he was six, he went with his grandfather to buy toys from the shop and he returned with all cricket kits and double size of helmet. His room was full of cricketing items". 

"His obsession for cricket made us worried and we sought doctor's advice in a military camp. We were told as long as he is brilliant in studies we don't have to worry".

Rahul was very good in mathematics. Never ever he got less than 98% of marks in mathematics. "Maths is/ was his favourite subject. He has graduated in computers".

"We want him to play and win more matches for the team. Hope his team wins the IPL this season. We also hope he plays for India one day.

Family is in search of a good girl for him.  

Rahul's younger sister, Rupali is a post-graduate student and is preparing for Air Force Army.