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England batting all-rounder Moeen Ali tested positive : All players to undergo more tests on Tuesday

Speaking exclusively over the telephone from Hambantota, where De Silva is overseeing the medical part of the visiting England team, said, "he is the only player tested positive". 
"We did the PCR and Rapid Antigen tests of all players and the support staff. The Rapid Antigen tests were found negative and we have just received the PCR reports". 
"Will be doing the PCR tests of all players again on Tuesday", he added. 
"If the Rapid Antigen test results are negative and the PCR test is positive, it is assumed that the coronavirus is less effective. At present Moeen Ali is isolated in his hotel room but will be moved to the Intermediate Care Centre if he is found positive again". 
De Silva had a meeting with England's medical officer Prof. Nick Piers in the morning.
Two Sri Lankan doctors (Lakshman Cooray and Chaminda Gunathilaka) are liasioning with the visitors. 
Cooray is an army doctor, whereas Chaminda is attached with the health ministry.  
"At present, the England tour is on but it will be a worrying factor if more cases are found Corona positive. There will be at least three more tests before the Test series begins", de Silva signed off.