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It Will Be Wise Enough To Play Against Pakistan And Beat Them In The World Cup Says Sunil Gavaskar

The recent Pulwama attack has stirred a lot of controversies not only in the political spaces but also in the cricketing arenas. With the Pakistani terror group Jaish-e-Mohammed taking charge of the merciless attack on the CRPF soldiers in Pulwama, there have been uproars from the general mass and the cricketing fraternities to boycott Pakistan in the upcoming mega event in which India and Pakistan will be locking horns against each other on June 16 in Manchester.

The former Indian team skipper, Sunil Gavaskar said his side entailing that the Indian team should play against Pakistan in the ICC World Cup and make sure that Pakistan doesn’t qualify for semifinals.

It will be wise enough for the Men in Blue to beat Pakistan and stop them from progressing further in the mega event

According to the veteran Indian skipper, Sunil Gavaskar, not playing against their staunch opponents will not help the Indian team in any manner. It will be better that the team plays against Pakistan and not let them progress further in the competition. He also said that India alone cannot decide whether Pakistan should be a part of the World Cup as no other nation is going to support them. Stadium is not the correct place to raise the India-Pakistan issue, rather it should United Nations.

“They can try but it will not happen. It will not happen because the other member countries have to accept that. I can’t see other member countries accepting that. India can go ahead and try to do that [stop Pakistan playing the World Cup],” reckoned Gavaskar to India Today.

“The right forum is at the United Nations. I am not too sure the International Cricket Conference is the right forum to bring this up. We are all down with the tragedy. I am not too sure it will work because the other countries might say it’s an internal issue between two countries so please don’t involve us,” he furthered added.

Not playing against Pakistan will make India lose two crucial points says Gavaskar

The former player, Gavaskar even said that not playing against Pakistan on June 16 will make India lose two crucial points while Pakistan will gain those points without even making any efforts, something that the board and cricket fraternities should consider before making any decision. “Politics was never away from the sport. I am not talking about direct politics. I am with the country. Whatever the country decides, whatever the government decides, I am totally behind it. Not playing them will hurt us, because it’s a World Cup. We lose two points, Pakistan will get those two points,” Gavaskar concluded.