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Andy Moles' motivational message to Bandula Warnapura

Like Moles, Sri Lanka's first Test captain Bandulla Warnapura leg has recently been amputated below the knee.  

"If you ever need a person who has gone through the challenges that lie ahead of you.. I am available 24/7…", Moles has conveyed the message to Warnapura through this reporter.

Speaking exclusively over the telephone from South Africa, where he resides, said, "Yes there will be dark days ahead… However, if you can allow yourself to let people help you, you can get through those moments. Always remember there are people worse off than yourself". 

"When you are first told you are to have your leg amputated, all you can think about is that my life is over! How can I survive and create an income for my family. Then in my case, I started to think about the problems people are facing in their daily lives all around the world".

"Then think about the support structure you have around you. The love of your family as well as your cricketing family. All of these people will be there to support you".

Advising further, he says, "Then on top of that you have your own mental strength that has served you throughout your cricketing life".

"God bless you and I will keep you in my prayers", Moles has said to Warnapura. 

Later, speaking exclusively over the telephone from Colombo on behalf of the family, Warnapura's son, Madawa said, "We apologize for not being able to respond to our well-wishers' calls and messages individually at this situation, but their kind words and prayers in and around the world certainly kept us strong and surely has been a blessing for him.

"We hope that Bandula/Our Father/Grandfather will soon be able to come back to us in his full energetic spirit so please continue to keep him in your prayers".
"We as his family humbly thank all our relatives, the doctors,the icu staff for every effort they take for his recovery".