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Mankading isn’t something that I would like to be involved in says Joe Root

The much famous Mankading episode between the Kings XI Punjab skipper and bowler R Ashwin and Rajasthan Royals batsman, Jos Buttler has created quite a stir in the cricketing arenas. The act of dismissing taken up by R Ashwin for Jos Buttler after he went out of the crease at the non-striker’s end left the cricketing fraternity divided. While Ashwin’s deeds were not wrong according to the rules and regulations of the game, it wasn’t in the spirit of the game. Some people said that what Ashwin did was right, others went after him brutally saying that it is violation of the gentleman’s game.

The Rajasthan Royals brand ambassador said that Shane Warne was also very harsh on Ashiwn’s action and even put stance at his integrity and class. Not only this, but Ashwin erred with the fielding placement in the second game against Kolkata Knight Riders and that proved costly to the end of the game. The critics went froth to say that it was his karma that made the team pays in the second game. Not only this, but Ashwin was also very unapologetic about his mankading of Buttler saying that everything he did was in the spirit and laws of the game.

I wasn’t too impressed personally said Joe Root

Another cricketer who came forth to express his concerns was the Three Lions’ Test captain cricketer, Joe Root. He said that he wasn’t too impressed personally and he would not like to involve himself in such an incident. The right handed batsman, Root had scored over 12000 international runs and 30 tons conceded that what happened within the laws of the game and Buttler has to receive it.

“It’s not something that I would like to be involved in. I wasn’t too impressed personally. But it’s within the laws of the game as a lot of people have said. Jos had to take it on the chin, unfortunately,” said root.

Umpires being really clear on what is out and what is not out said Joe Root

Root further said that umpires have to be really clear on what is out and what is not out as it is a very crucial moment of the game. “You know that some people might be looking to do that now. “Umpires being really clear on what is out and what is not out is going to be crucial, and making sure that everyone is on the same page with it so there are no inconsistencies is going to be really important and having the clarity there for everyone playing the game. I know it’s not a straightforward rule but as much as possible there is a way of working out what is out and what’s not,” said Root.