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Virat Kohli Commented To Be Á Modern Day Jesus By Graeme Swann

Virat Kohli is known for its tough game play on the field and he has established his name in the stadiums owing to his immensely well form of playing the game and stroking a tough battle with the bowlers. He is known to hit hard with his shots all across the stadiums. The same was reckoned in the game against Afghanistan where his good half century was helpful for the team to register a win over their opponents. Other instances of the same can be related to the one of June 16 at Old Trafford against the arch-rivals Pakistan where the Indian team managed to defeat them by 89 runs in the DLS Method. This came forth with the hit man of the Indian team Rohit Sharma impressive 140 knock and Kohli’s tough 77 runs off 65 balls.

There are many people who appreciate the way Indian team has been able to manage their squad in tough and demanding situations, wherein a major role is played by the Indian captain Virat Kohli. He knows how to handle his bat and how to score runs for his team. His hunger for runs in the reason why he has accumulated so many runs for himself in his career and with so much of cricket left within him.

I’ve always hated non-walkers

The same is reckoned by the former English cricketer, Graeme Swann who praised the 30-year old for showing his honesty towards sports and gracefully walking off the stadium without saying anything even when he wasn’t out in a game against Pakistan. The English cricketer, Swann said that Kohli is a ‘modern day Jesus’.

“I’ve always hated non-walkers. I’ve had an argument with every batsman in the game. If you nick it and you stand there, you know you’ve nicked it. And you know you’re out and if you use the excuse ‘oh I’m letting the umpire decide whether I have or not’, you’re still cheating,” said the English cricketer.

You’re cheating yourself more than anything

He further said that while cheating in a match, you are cheating yourself more than a game. “You’re cheating yourself more than anything. Virat walked off and it turned out he didn’t even nick it. So he’s that honest. He’s given himself out when he’s even not. Honestly, he is a modern day Jesus,” said Swann.