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Sourav Ganguly Officially Appointed As The BCCI President

October 23 is a big day in the Indian cricket history as the Sourav Ganguly-led Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) panel has taken office. On is appointment in the BCCI’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), Ganguly mentioned that it is a great honour to have taken up this huge position. The former Indian captain is ready to start this new innings and challenging beginning.

"It's an honour that I've been asked to take this role by the members. It's a new start for the BCCI. Coincidentally - fortunately, or unfortunately - when I became captain, it was a similar sort of a situation and I captained India for six years. And this is a similar sort of situation that now things need to be brought back in place, reforms need to be done, huge amounts of money needs to be paid to state associations. So it's a completely new start. From that point of view, I find myself in a position where I can make a change, and it's a challenge,” quoted Sourav Ganguly.

"I'll do it the way I know, in the way I feel is best for BCCI, with no compromise on credibility and corruption-free. That's the way I led India and that's the way I will take forward this organisation in whatever time I have. It's a pretty young group, Jay [Shah] is the secretary, Arun [Singh Dhumal] is the treasurer, Jayesh is the joint-secretary. It's a pretty young team so we will have to do a lot of hard work,” he added.

Sourav talked about taking the necessary steps to resolve the current disarray situation in the BCCI. The former left-handed batsman stated that nobody is completely aware of what was happening in the BCCI in the last three years. He noted that revolutionizing Indian cricket will be his main point of focus.

"We don't know what's happened in the last three years, there was no AGM or working committee meeting, there were no committee meetings so we have no idea how it has happened. So we'll take note of everything and then do what is required for BCCI and Indian cricket. We all must understand that we're here to work for Indian cricket, that's what's the job of the BCCI. The game on the field - international cricket, domestic cricket, IPL cricket, and we will do that to the best of our abilities," Sourav mentioned.

"He wants to make this team the best in the world. It's been a great team to be honest with you, the way we have played cricket in the last three-four years. It's a fantastic side, yes, you can say they haven't won the World Cup but you don't win World Cups every time. We'll support him for whatever he wants and make sure that Indian cricket goes ahead smoothly," the newly appointed BCCI president concluded.