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Deepak Aggarwal - A father. An avid cricket lover. Or a bookie. The other side of the coin of Shakib Al Hasan’s suspension

While the news media across the world is trying to let their readers know why the top all-rounder of Bangladeshi cricket, a rather irreplaceable figurine for his team is being banned by the Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) of the ICC, everyone is trying to script their own stories, mentioning Mr. Deepak Aggarwal, as someone who trying to get his hands onto the player for the informal ceremony of cricket; popularly known as match-fixing. 

The astounding news headlines read as The International Cricket Council on Tuesday suspended Shakib Al Hasan for 2 years for failure to report approaches by an Indian bookie, Mr. Deepak Aggarwal.’ The reference to the ban being the WhatsApp conversations between Shakib and the individual who allegedly approached Shakib several times to get ‘inside information’ about the ongoing matches including the 2018 edition of the Indian Premier League. 

While the ICC report read Mr. Deepak Aggarwal’s status as a suspected individual involved in the corruption of cricket, the world media gave a single-handed description to him in being a ‘bookie’ exposing the infamous but still prevalent business of match-fixing in cricket around the world. The release is being featured in the global tabloids and is a matter of concern for the ICC who wishes cricket to not be a money-making machine for such conspirators and want the game played in the true spirit of sportsmanship. 

The concealed truth of the biggest cricket conspiracy; the ban of Shakib Al Hasan

The global cricket fanatics woke up while sipping their coffee and reading the breaking news of Shakib Al Hasan being banned for failure to report approaches made by an Indian bookie Mr. Deepak Aggarwal. While ICC General Manager- Integrity, Alex Marshall, confirmed Aggarwal about not using the term bookie in front of the world media through a series of personal texts, the world is going to remember his name considering him one. 

What no one is interested in knowing and letting the cricket audiences understand that Mr. Deepak Aggarwal was doing everything he has been held guilty for owing to the burdening pressure over him and his family from the ‘Bookie World’, he was also the one sharing this information and his threats to the ACU begging them to provide him and his loved ones with protection and security. 

The story of how this news upheaved to be a global notification starts in 2016 when Mr. Deepak Agarwal first contacted the former Zimbabwean player, Heath Streak to help him buy a cricket team of his own. From there, he started making contacts with reputed players in the ‘World of Cricket’, an act purely committed due to his passion for cricket and his dream to buy a cricket team of his own. But someone has rightly said, you need to struggle through hardships to achieve your first sip of success. 

The ‘World of Bookies’ recognized Aggarwal’s talent and his contacts in the cricket alleys and started threatening him to ask for the alleged ‘inside information’ from them if he wanted to ensure the safety and goodwill of his family and loved ones. Upon much thinking and failing to his heart and emotions which lies in the happiness and prosperity of his family, Aggarwal agreed to the consent of the bookies and started asking his good contacts in the cricket arena for such information. While what he was doing was only to guarantee the invulnerability of his loved ones, his ardent cricket-loving personality was breaking him and questioning his actions for the game. He was desperately trying to seek help from someone who can drag him out of this mess while assuring the protection of his family. 

He got such a chance once his interview with the ACU for his dream team was confirmed. There, he turned himself in and entailing the ACU authorities about the threatful calls from the bookies and his exchanged conversation with Shakib including the messages which have been deleted from Shakib’s account. 

‘father’‘son’ and ‘loving husband’, Mr. Deepak Aggarwal plead for sheltering his family from such a nuisance and dangerous blackmailing of the bookies since exposing such ingenious information can result in a mishap for his loved ones. Not only did he agree to comply with the rules and regulations of the ACU, he asked the ACU to ban him so that the bookies stop harassing his presence in the cricket world. For the same reason, he shifted his residence from Delhi to Noida, thinking that he can leave all that behind of him and proceed further with his peaceful life along with his family.

A much relieved, Mr. Deepak Aggarwal was immensely happy to have himself banned and blacklisted by the ICC, thinking that his dream of having his team can wait for some time; as your love for someone overpowers your dreams and aspirations

Getting two international UAE players provisionally suspended

A ‘Family First’ man, Aggarwal who is being regarded as a ‘bookie’ by the world media was the reason why international UAE players like Mohammad Naveed and Shaiman-Ul-Butt were provisionally suspended from their respective teams since their names were revealed by him. The ACU applauded his efforts and even texted him personally to not contact both of them. 

If Mr. Deepak Aggarwal was what he is being held guilty for, he wouldn’t have cooperated with the ACU and himself leak the conversation with the bookies and Shakib. Since their ban, Aggarwal has been fighting with threat calls and messages from the fans of both the players, however this doesn’t concern him anymore.

Is Aggarwal a bookie or prey to such a market?

While the cricket fans aren’t unaware of the activities that go beyond the cricket grounds, many of the players have fallen prey to such heinous crimes against cricket. While Aggarwal asserts that every text of his was only under the scumbling pressure of the bookies over him, he has said the same to the ACU authorities. 

Mr. Aggarwal is guilty but only to the crime letting such intolerant business of match-fixing get to him and use him for their advantage while endangering the life of his loved ones; he is innocent of the said crime indulging in the corruption of the game and its satiety.

His chastity can be regarded with the fact that even after such conversations he did not change his number (unlike other alleged bookies), delete any messages (which contained crucial information) or upheld his contribution with the ACU. While Aggarwal is a person who believes in dreams of others and indulges in social activities for children; his academy in Noida, engages in teaching young children who cannot afford hefty cricket education; free of cost. According to Aggarwal his honesty and truth is going to triumph over his charges and he believes that Alex Marshall and the ACU will help him with the case considering his good note towards their proceedings.

So, the biggest question that arises over here is that, ‘Is Aggarwal a bookie or did he get scumble to the leaders of such a market?’

That’s up to your decision.