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International Cricketers Should Discuss About Their Mental Issues

Cricket as a sport has evolved a lot and so have the players who train hard day in and day out to be successful and make a name for themselves on the international platform. However, things have become really tough and filled with loads of pressure for the international cricketers and they are bound to suffer mental problems. Most recently, Australia’s premier batsman Glenn Maxwell took an indefinite break from the game in order to deal with some serious mental health issues.

Ahead of the first Test match against Bangladesh in Indore, Indian captain Virat Kohli lauded Maxwell’s decision of openly revealing his mental health issues. Kohli mentioned that it is very important for every international player to have that sort of communication.

“When you get to the international stage, every player that’s in the squad needs that sort of communication and that ability to just speak out. I think what Glenn [Maxwell] has done is remarkable and it sets the right example for cricketers all over the world that if you’re not in the best frame of mind, you try, you try, you try. But I think as human beings you reach a tipping point at some stage and you need some time away from the game,” quoted Virat Kohli during the pre-match press conference.

Virat shared his own experience about him feeling low during the tough 2014 tour to England where he struggled a lot. The Indian captain revealed that he was not in a position to speak openly about his state and couldn’t either take time-off from the game as he wasn’t sure about how that would be taken. He stated that these things should be given much more importance as the Indian team is concerned.

These things should be of great importance

“I’ve gone through a phase in my career where I’ve felt like it was the end of the world. In England 2014, I just didn’t know what to do, what to say to anyone, how to speak, how to communicate. To be honest, I couldn’t have said I am not feeling great mentally and I want to get away from the game, because you never know how that’s taken,” Virat noted.

“I think these things should be of great importance because if you think that a player is important enough, for the team and for Indian cricket to go forward, I think they should be looked after,” he added.

“I am absolutely for it. To be very honest, you have a job to do, we have a job to do. And everyone’s focused on what they need to do so it’s very difficult for anyone to figure out what’s going on in another person’s mind,” Virat Kohli concluded.