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If I Do Well In The IPL, The World Cup Selection Will Automatically Come Reckons Rahane

Ambati Rayudu is one of those players that have tried to fill in the much looming fourth spot of the Indian squad. However with the recent struggles encountered by Rayudu; has made him less of a contention in solving the No.4 mystery of the Indian batting lineup. India has tried a number of players to fill in the No.4 berth however; no staunch decision has been made till now, since no probable candidate proved themselves worthy in being aligned at that spot. Rayudu performed miserably in the series against Australia and managed to play only three matches out of the five-match series, with no noteworthy performances. He scored figures like 13, 18 and 2 in the three ODI matches played by him against Australia.

With the recent struggles encountered by the Indian management, Rahane might earn a surprise callback

Indian management is still struggling a lot to fill the spot No.4 in the ODI squad touring to England and Wales. Whether, India will move Kohli to the No.4 or try out a new batsman at that spot or call back Rahane for that spot, is still a mystery that hasn’t been solved. Meanwhile, Rahane has completely fallen out of his form in the ODI squad, as he played the last ODI during their tour to South Africa.

Ajinkya Rahane who is going to perform his stints with the Rajasthan Royals in the upcoming season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) isn’t focusing on what happened with him in the past and is focusing on the IPL right now. He even said that nobody knows, maybe his outing in the IPL might bring him back in the contention for the World Cup touring Indian squad.

The approach won’t be any different with the World Cup spot looming says Rahane

He said that his approach for the World Cup is no different that of the IPL, as he is just focusing on scoring runs in both the tournaments. “The approach won’t be any different with the World Cup spot looming because at the end you are playing cricket, be it the IPL or any other tournament. You have to score runs and do well for the team. The most important thing will be to think about the Rajasthan Royals rather than thinking too much about the road ahead. See, if I do well in the IPL, the World Cup (slot) will automatically come,” said Rahane.

He further said that it is very important for him to express his game and not take any pressure in that process. “I feel it is important to express yourself and not take any undue pressure thinking about things which aren’t in your control. The focus is the IPL,” concluded Rahane.