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BCCI To Lose The Claim Of Hosting The T20 World Cup 2021 And World Cup 2023

The extravaganza of the mega event is primarily the main concern of the BCCI as for now. But soon after the conclusion of the ICC 50 over World Cup 2019, BCCI will set its gears for the hosting of the ICC World T20 2021 and the ICC World Cup 2023. India is all set to host the upcoming mega events and they will have to start planning about it at the earliest. However, due to strict tax laws, the global tournaments might have to find different hosts.

The ICC is generally exempted from paying any kindof taxes from its member nations in order to conduct the global events. However the ICC wasn’t allowed this liberty by the Indian government when it hosted the World T20 Cup in 2016. Instead, the ICC suffered from huge financial loss where the BCCI handed over an amount of USD 23 million dollars to be paid by the ICC otherwise they would suffer dire consequences.

The strict tax laws might make India lose the hosting rights for the upcoming mega events

India is in position of losing the rights of hosting the World T20 Cup in 2021 and also the World Cup 2023 owing to the high amount of taxes levied by the government. The BCCI however have two options as of now, either they can bear the huge tax liability or they can say no to host of the ICC tournaments. According to a source, BCCI has somehow managed to sort the situation with the ICC and they have talked about the ‘tax problem’ before the bidding for the World T20 Cup and the World Cup 2023.

“If ICC goes ahead with 2021 T20 and 2023 World Cup in India, it may have to cough up more than Rs 150 crore in taxes only. Board (BCCI) has tried its best to reach out to the government. We have told ICC to wait till the next government is formed at the Centre before taking the talks further. But ICC chairman (Shashank Manohar) was categorical in saying that BCCI needs to pay all tax liabilities if talks with government do not yield any results after elections,” quoted as saying a BCCI official.

BCCI can also deny giving Pakistani players a visa to play in the country

In the wake of the Pulwama attack, the BCCI official might deny the Pakistani players a visa to play in the country. This comes in wake of the fact that two shooters and a coach from Pakistan who were travelling to play at the World Cup shooting event in New Delhi were refused visas. After this, the International Olympic Commission suspended all the discussions regarding the hosting any future sports and Olympics related events with India.

It was also informed that the ICC has denied BCCI’s request to ban Pakistan from the world body on the charges of harboring terrorism activities. If the BCCI decides to not give Pakistani players a visa, they might face dire consequences other than suspension.